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Cedar City,Ut,United States

Member Since:

Apr 25, 2015



Goal Type:

NCAA Champ

Running Accomplishments:


800- 2:22

1600- 5:19


3 Mile XC- 18:32


Mile- 5:14

5k- 18:21 (UC Riverside XC Invite)



Short-Term Running Goals:

Be consistent

Stay healthy

Sub 17:30 5K

Sub 5 mile


Long-Term Running Goals:

Be a main contributor to my team 

Never lose the joy of running!


I’m a Sophomore at Southern Utah University on the Cross Country and Track teams. Majoring in Accounting. Pine View High School 2017 grad. I love to run. 

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Miles:This week: 16.00 Month: 79.50 Year: 1606.50
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Well, the time has come once again for another 4 days of speed. this time is better tho cuz we got to start on monday and friday we just have mileage and no practice. 

2 mile warm, strides, 2 laps slow right into 3 miles at 80% on the track. coach split us into 2 groups and he couldnt decide which group to put me in cuz im still borderline. he ended up going with the slower one which im honestly not too sad about cuz 80's are a real struggle for me and it was a good confidence booster. my time was right around Kasandra's and it was the best 80 i have ever ever ever done so thats lit. i felt pretty darn good today and i felt consistent and strong so i am very happy about that. 3x whistle hill sets afterwards. i love those things so darn much. they are the best thing that has ever happened to this world tbh. 

ALSO made spring break plans!!!! me and sam and koy and max are going to san diego on saturday wayyy early and staying til wednesday for koys birthday and im pumped. only problem, poop hit the fan last week and some wierd stuff happened and it could either be the best week ever or a super weird and awkward experience. well see what happens cuz i really wanna have a good time lol 

Total Distance

mile warm, 7x1000 and then steeple barrier practice, my wierd robot walk around the track, 1.5 mile cool, and roll and stretch stuff.

The workout was decent. coach stuck me with the fast group today which is good! its just hard cuz he wanted me to do 8 repeats cuz im a 5k person, but the 1500 people were doing the same workout just cut in half and at a slower pace. I can do 8x1000's just fine, the hard part is doing 8x1000 at the same pace as angie. if i start a little slower i can hold on a little better at the end, but coach wanted me right with them. i did 2 right with the group just great the next one was still in range, just a little slower, but coach had me drop and do the next one with the 1500 group, which was good, only problem is they were finished after that one with their workout, so he had me sit one and jump back with the faster group. 

I hate cutting workouts but i think that i had a much more beneficial workout than i would have if he had me struggle all 8 with the fast group. 

Jumping the water barrier is the scariest thing of my entire life and coach houle just makes fun of me haha. its a good time.


Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Teal And Grey) Miles: 8.00
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2 Mile warm, 8x600 with 90 second recovery and 2 mile cool

It was honestly such a good workout today. I am supposed to be on a rotation of 2 5k workouts and a 1500 workout but today was the first time I’ve ever done a 1500 meter workout cuz coach always switches me. Anyways. KaSandra and sam didn’t do the workout and i dont know where everyone else was so it was just me and Alison that did the whole thing. We started at the slower end of the pace zone which was nice cuz it makes it sooooo much easier to keep the paces at the end. 2:03-2:06 on all of them which I’d say = consistent. 

I get that it helps to run with the fastest girls for as long as possible but I also feel like it is very beneficial for me to be able to complete a workout with consistent pacing  so today was very nice  

Botched my anatomy test today so that’s cool  never have i studied so hard and done so bad. We’ll see how the score turns out lol 


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Ran to steeple, steepled, ran home. 1.5 Miles 

Pm- mile warm and then a 60% on the track for 5 Miles. We were split into 2 groups and I was the first of the slower group. It was nice tho cuz we started like 200 meters in front of the faster one so after about 3 Miles the leaders caught me and Emma and we finished near the group. Honestly not my best 60% but I’ll take it for it being the last of 4 days of speed. Averaged a 6:37, which is still in range. Looooots of girls dropped this workout so I’m glad I just finished. 

Yayaya for spring break. I need to get more running socks. I have been developing some blisters and they hurt like the dickens and I think my 2$ Walmart Christmas socks aren’t helping 


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Am- woke Up and ran 2, and then met up for 4 more with Julieta right after. Yayay. It’s spring break and I couldn’t be more excited than I am rn  

Pm- 2 Miles with alison. 

Ps I got 20% better on my anatomy practical than I thought I would so life is good. 

Also went bowling with the freshman and some gymnastics girls yesterday. It was the most awkward thing ever lol but it was a good time 


Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Indigo And Mint) Miles: 8.00
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7.4 with Sam around our hotel. Kinda sketch tbh. Need to find some less creepy places to run haha 

Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Teal And Grey) Miles: 7.40
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Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Teal And Grey) Miles: 15.40Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Indigo And Mint) Miles: 8.00
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