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Week starting Sep 10, 2017

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Washington and Cedar,Ut,United States

Member Since:

Apr 25, 2015



Goal Type:

NCAA Champ

Running Accomplishments:


**Personal Track Records **

800- 2:22

1600- 5:19

Mile- 5:14



**Personal XC Records**

2 mile- 11:52 (DH 2 mile) 2015-16

2.95 mile- 17:49 (Murray Invite)  2016-17

3 mile- 18:32 (Cedar Invite- New, Longer Course) 2016-17

5k- 18:52 (Riverside) 2017-18


Short-Term Running Goals:

•Sub 17:30 in 5K

•break 5 in a mile


Long-Term Running Goals:

Never lose the joy of running! 

Complete a Marathon 

Run in college-


Sophomore distance runner at SUU on the XC and Track teams. High on life and runnin’. 

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 57.00 Year: 641.10
Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Teal And Grey) Lifetime Miles: 246.70
Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Indigo And Mint) Lifetime Miles: 202.55
Total Distance
Total Distance

warmup, form mile, and then we had a workout at bicent. We had 1000 m repeats. We were supposed to do 7, but once you fell of the front group, coach pulled you. I got pulled after 4. Its a little frusterating becuase I know that I can do 7 repeats, they just might not be quite as fast as the front group. I'll get there though. ran back for a total of 6.

1.5 mile shakeout later in the evening. 

I get to go to riverside this weekend. Me and KaSandra aren't racing in the championship race we are in the open race. Im super excited I get to go, because the race is through an orange grove on packed dirt downhill. So it should be pretty fast!

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warmup, form mile and then 6.5. We did walmart canyon. Thats my favorite run we do. The first mile is uphill, then the middle 3+ miles is allll downhill. Then it gets kinda hard, but it doesnt seem too hard because the middle part is so easy. There is like a mile and a half gradual uphill and its tough, but i really like it!


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warmup, form mile, and then 6 miles at 50% up the canyon. I felt really good today!! after, we had 10 strides and then i ran a half mile with ashley to make it an even mile! It was freezing when i got to practice. Its only september, whats gonna happen in december? I think i might cry and while im crying i might die. Fun fact: i have never in my entire life been on a run in real snow (the inch we get in st george doesnt quite qualify)

I found out that study hall is the bestest time to get on the blog :) i actually read peoples now! I should be doing a thing on canvas, but canvas wont load for anything, so ill just have to do it later. 

im so happy today cuz my biology teacher is gone and so i have absolutely no class. 

I also am suuuper excited for our race this weekend. Im just in the open race, but I'm so excited to get to go!!! I also hope we get back in time for our first home football game cuz i want to watch!

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Practice was cancelled cuz the weather it rained alll day until the evening, so I ran at 7:00. I did a one mile warmup and then 5 miles at 60% with 2x30 second pickups every mile. And then a mile cool down

It was really good the first 2.5 miles of my 60. I was going down Main Street and it wasn't hot and I was feeling awesome! Hitting my paces and everything. Then I got to the flip around point. I didn't really how downhill it was in the way out, but it was definitely up hill and SUPER windy the way back. It wasn't as good, but considering the circumstances, it wasn't half bad. One mile Cool and then I packed for Riverside!


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Drove to California for our race! Traffic was awful so it took us an extra hour and a half, but it was fine cuz I slept. 

Anyways, premeet was good. Ran to the course from our hotel, and then ran the 6k course. Then we did a 1k at race pace and starts. 7 miles total


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Race day! Mile shakeout at 5:30, but no one it our room got told so we were all late. after, i just chilled in our room for a while cuz I didn't have to go the race at the same time as everyone else. 

Warmed up with KaSandra. And then race. I did decent! I got out strong in a good position. I think I started a little too fast for the first mileish, cuz I was very much struggling in the end. Anways I felt strong until the last mile and I started struggling. I pr'd tho for a 5k! I hadn't ever broke 19:00 in a true 5k and I ran a 18:52, so that's dope! 

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