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Washington and Cedar,Ut,United States

Member Since:

Apr 25, 2015



Goal Type:

NCAA Champ

Running Accomplishments:


**Personal Track Records **

800- 2:22

1600- 5:19

Mile- 5:14



**Personal XC Records**

2 mile- 11:52 (DH 2 mile) 2015-16

2.95 mile- 17:49 (Murray Invite)  2016-17

3 mile- 18:32 (Cedar Invite- New, Longer Course) 2016-17

5k- 18:52 (Riverside) 2017-18


Short-Term Running Goals:

•Sub 17:30 in 5K

•break 5 in a mile


Long-Term Running Goals:

Never lose the joy of running! 

Complete a Marathon 

Run in college-


Sophomore distance runner at SUU on the XC and Track teams. High on life and runnin’. 

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 7.00 Month: 28.50 Year: 1458.00
Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Teal And Grey) Lifetime Miles: 418.70
Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Indigo And Mint) Lifetime Miles: 353.85
Nike Vomero Lifetime Miles: 265.20
Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Black) Lifetime Miles: 115.20
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Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Teal And Grey) Miles: 4.00Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Indigo And Mint) Miles: 8.00
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6 pretty chill in the freezing cold snow. It was cold and my legs were tired. Rolled real good and weights and rolled some more. 

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One mile and steeple. My shin has still been bugging me so coach is having me back off the jumping a little. I jump a few times and then work on form stuff that doesn’t hurt as bad 

Cutting my mileage just a bit this week cuz it’s 4 days of speed and that’s the rule 

PM- mile warm, 8x1000 with one minute recovery. man, this was a frickin hard workout but i did it and i am getting closer to the group and it makes me soooo happy and all the coaches are noticing that i am getting faster and closer and it makes me happy cuz hard work really does pay off. Just gotta keep the PMA. 3:38,39,41,42,47,48,58,51. first 4 were pretty consistent and with the group. Now i just got to keep a solid pace the last half instead of dropping, but ill get there. The last ones are always hard cuz i always get tired and slow down a little, and the last ones, the fastest girls speed up alot and it makes the gap seem huge, but i only had one out of the time range so thats good. 

Good rolling and rapid reboot and stretch and ice and stem sess after 

Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Teal And Grey) Miles: 1.00
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Today was a harder workout for me. My legs were very tired. Mile warm and then 3xmiles with 2 lap jog between. 5:53, 6:09, 6:15 were my Miles. The first one was a little fast. I think if I would have chilled it out a little they would have been more consistent, but I wanted to hang with the group as long as possible. After the miles we had 9 whistle hills which were actually not bad. I felt better on them and I led a handful of them so that was dope. If I didn’t lead I was in that front group. I love hills and idk why but I do. Mile cool 

Half done with 4 days of speed. Also happy Valentine’s Day :) 

Ps I’m pretty sure the point of anatomy is to see how many Greek and Latin words you can fit in your head before all the English ones disappear. Also it slowly kills you with stress. It’s fine 

Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Indigo And Mint) Miles: 8.00
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Wellll, I ran to steeple this morning and did drills and jumped like 7 times and then my shin hurt so I did some more drills and shin exercises. Then it was snowing crazy so I walked to Sams and she drove me home. Not much of a run but it’s fjne 

I went hiking in st George last weekend and I picked some creosote and put it in a bag with a wet paper towel and left it in my car and it still smells so good  I’m gonna leave it forever and keep making my own air fresheners cuz it smells so much better 

Pm- mile warm and then mile at 5:46 pace and then lap jog and 12x400’s  we were supposed to hit 78-84 and the first 5 were real good! I was with the top girls AND even led some repeats. Hit 81 on most of them. Then I missed the 6th one cuz I had to go to the frickin bathroom. 6,7,8,  were really good! 9 was a little slow but still an 84  10 and 11 were struggling, 86,88. The last one was on my own and a 84. So only 2 we’re out of range. Mile cool with Julieta. 

It makes me so happy when Paul or coach tells me good job cuz they don’t say it a lot, and when they do they mean it  

GUESS WHAT?!?! I GET TO RUN AT CONFERENCE AND I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE EXCITED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!! I did not think I would get to go. I thought I would be the first person to get left here


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Last day of speed!! Yayayaya. Finally! 2 Mile warm 4x400 with 4 min recovery, 4x200 with 2 min recovery, 8x100 with 30 sec recovery. Honestly I didn’t know how the workout would go cuz my legs were soooo tired but it went better than expected! I was in range for everything and was with the group the whole time!!!!! 72,75,72,74 were my 400’ s. Led the 200’ s and hit 31’s. I looooove 200’ s so stinking much. They are my favorite thing EVER!!!! Hundreds were good. Cool a mile.  Coach told me I am a “sandbagger” cuz I did so well today haha. He said I was holding back the other days and that I need to stay confident in myself. Glad he is getting more faith in me. I definitely didn’t think I was holding back any of the days, cuz I have been doing better than I ever have before and I’m so happy about that, but I know I am getting faster and that I actually can run with the top girls, I just have to remember that 

Also coach decided to enter me into the 3k at conference too!!!!!! Yayayayaya!! I’m soooooo excited!!! 

Also Ellie and Caroline are here and spending the night at my house. Yayayay 

Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Teal And Grey) Miles: 3.00
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Holy cow. My whole body was sooo tired. I ran the hardest 5.5 Miles of my life. Went slow and not super long 

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Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Teal And Grey) Miles: 4.00Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Indigo And Mint) Miles: 8.00
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