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Washington and Cedar,Ut,United States

Member Since:

Apr 25, 2015



Goal Type:

NCAA Champ

Running Accomplishments:


**Personal Track Records **

800- 2:22

1600- 5:19

Mile- 5:14



**Personal XC Records**

2 mile- 11:52 (DH 2 mile) 2015-16

2.95 mile- 17:49 (Murray Invite)  2016-17

3 mile- 18:32 (Cedar Invite- New, Longer Course) 2016-17

5k- 18:52 (Riverside) 2017-18


Short-Term Running Goals:

•Sub 17:30 in 5K

•break 5 in a mile


Long-Term Running Goals:

Never lose the joy of running! 

Complete a Marathon 

Run in college-


Sophomore distance runner at SUU on the XC and Track teams. High on life and runnin’. 

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Miles:This week: 7.00 Month: 28.50 Year: 1458.00
Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Teal And Grey) Lifetime Miles: 418.70
Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Indigo And Mint) Lifetime Miles: 353.85
Nike Vomero Lifetime Miles: 265.20
Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Black) Lifetime Miles: 115.20
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Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Indigo And Mint) Miles: 8.00Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Teal And Grey) Miles: 10.00
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no shakout this morning. not gonna hit quite so many miles this week, so i took this morning off. my legs were so tired today and i thought for sure we were gonna have a 50, but we didnt. 

2 mile warm, and then 3 strides. 5x800 and then 4x400. each of my 800's got slightly slower each time, and then the 400's were ok. the last 2 i got into it a little better, but not great. i was struggling a little today. my body was just tired, but it was still a decent workout. cooled a mile. cant complain about how it went. I finished the workout which is more than alot of other girls on the team, and ive had some great workouts the last few days. 

weights after was so hard! i was going a decent pace at everything and everyone was done soooo fast! i dont even understand!!!!

today was bread and soup night and i went with sam after weights. it was soooo delicious.

I have 5 tests this week. will see how this goes lol.

yesterday was the best day of my entire life. Went to church with macey and then she left before 3rd hour but i ran into julieta and maddie in the bathroom and so i went to their sacrament and it was a good time haha. then ate breakfast with julieta and max, cuz they only go to sacrament meeting. then i went hammocking with them and then i went to a dope superbowl party at francis's house. go eagles. then i went with sam and kasandra and nicole to this weird rock pile and we laid on it and looked at the stars and it was a good time.

I sometimes forget that the world doesnt revolve around me, and then sometimes i  just look up into the sky and it makes me feel so small and it humbles me a little cuz there is sooooo much more out there than just me

I almost forgot!! Adidas sent test shoes to some ppl on our team to try out and I got some and they are so dope. I wish I could keep them but I have to send them back in a while 

Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Indigo And Mint) Miles: 8.00
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2 miles and steeple. we did the pop out hurdles again today and im not sure why they are so much better, but they make my shins hurt way less. so i think im gonna stick with those for a while.

6 miles @ 50% pace this afternoon. coach set us at a very slow 50 and we failed. He told us we couldnt average faster than 7:25 and we failed lol. we hit a 7:15 which still felt pretty chill so that was nice. My low calves were soooooooooooooooo beyond tight i was dying!!!! when i got back my feet were asleep from them being so tight and it was the wierdest thing of my entire life. Rolled out and Rapid Rebooted and iced my shin. 

Went to dinner at Pastry Pub with macey and it was real good. good to sit and chat with her for a while. Now that we are roommates i feel like i see less of her than i did before which is weird, but it happens

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6 Miles at 50% and then a mile of steeple jumping and then another mile after. My low calves were way tight again and my feet like fell asleep again. I talked to to trainers but they didn’t help much. We’ll see if it does it again tomorrow. It only did it the first 6 and then I took like a 2 minute break before the steeples and then I was fine. I’m real confused 

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8 Miles again. I accidentally slept through steeple today. I feel awful cuz I have nvr nvr nvr slept through practice before. 

Pm practice was good. We had 2 Mile warm, 3 sets of 5x400 with 30 seconds recover (sometimes they were a little long tho). Each set had 2 minutes between. The first set was very mentally tough, and I was struggling. But the next sets were solid. I felt smooth and strong. My average for all of them was 83.7 which puts me to run a 17:20 5k. So that’s dope. 

Rolled and am currently freezing my butt off in the ice bath. 

Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Teal And Grey) Miles: 8.00
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8 miles again! haha its wierd cuz last week i ran more miles but i felt alot better, this week i have been pretty tired.

we had a workout again today and it was a 5 mile 60% on the track. it was very hard and my legs felt heavy and tired and i didnt feel very smooth. We did a warmup mile and then 2 miles on the track and then a mile on the mile loop and then 2 more. the first mile sucked rlly rlly bad and then it just progressively got better. the first 2 miles it was sam and me and sierra. the next one was me and sam. and the last two were good but hard cuz they were by myself. feeling good that i felt awful but still hit faster than the times i was supposed to be. averaged like 6;35 for 5 miles. not bad. 2 miles cool. 

Cant wait for this weekend. going camping and to the gymnastics meet and having a good time!

Oh. Also Mike Tait is so cool. He broke Cam Levins school record in the 5k and currently has the number one time in the ncaa for the szn. He’s so fast 

Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Teal And Grey) Miles: 2.00
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10 miles on southview with sam. My legs were real tired and the first five miles was graudually all uphill and I was dying. It was sooooo muddy also. I had like 20 pounds of mud on my shoes. It was a beautiful run but I was tired 

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Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Indigo And Mint) Miles: 8.00Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Teal And Grey) Miles: 10.00
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