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Washington and Cedar,Ut,United States

Member Since:

Apr 25, 2015



Goal Type:

NCAA Champ

Running Accomplishments:


**Personal Track Records **

800- 2:22

1600- 5:19

Mile- 5:14



**Personal XC Records**

2 mile- 11:52 (DH 2 mile) 2015-16

2.95 mile- 17:49 (Murray Invite)  2016-17

3 mile- 18:32 (Cedar Invite- New, Longer Course) 2016-17

5k- 18:52 (Riverside) 2017-18


Short-Term Running Goals:

•Sub 17:30 in 5K

•break 5 in a mile


Long-Term Running Goals:

Never lose the joy of running! 

Complete a Marathon 

Run in college-


Sophomore distance runner at SUU on the XC and Track teams. High on life and runnin’. 

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 50.50 Month: 134.50 Year: 1357.25
Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Teal And Grey) Lifetime Miles: 410.70
Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Indigo And Mint) Lifetime Miles: 334.85
Nike Vomero Lifetime Miles: 210.70
Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Black) Lifetime Miles: 102.45
Total Distance
Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Indigo And Mint) Miles: 14.25Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Teal And Grey) Miles: 8.00
Total Distance

AM- very easy 2.  Happy first day of school again!! I’m so excited for practice this afternoon!!! I’m tired of running alone. Also I’m so excited to start racing soon!! 

Last night I made cupcakes at Sams. They were delicious. 

Also I learned this card game called bang. It’s a good time and I highly recommend it. 

PM- 6 Miles with 15 striders after. We were hauling and averaged about 7:10. It was a good run and nice to be back. 

Hot tubbed with the freshman and we also had a recruit and played games with him 

Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Indigo And Mint) Miles: 7.00
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Total Distance

Am- 2 Miles chill 

6 minute test this afternoon 

Pm- yayaya for the 6 minute test!!! I was nervous out of my mind! For some reason I kept getting this wierd fear that i was not going to make it passed the 1600 meter mark. Anyways, we warmed up 2 Miles and then did the 6 minute test. I wanted to just go a good pace and see what I could do but after 2.5 laps I was feeling good and was running near girls I haven’t ever really ran by. I ended up finishing 1700 meters and close  to Julieta, Madison and Brighton so that made me happy. I also feel like there was more there at the end and I’m so excited to race and get into faster stuff again!! 

Pumped for Idaho this weekend! I’ve never ran indoor and I’m pumped for that and I also am just excited to race!!! 

Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Teal And Grey) Miles: 5.00
Total Distance

Missed my alarm this morning so i did all my miles in the afternoon. i had looooots of classes today and im slightly stressing cuz im gonna miss ALOT of fridays. 

We all have "biweekly" meetings with coach, but actually he means bimonthly but still keeps calling it biweekly. I apparently am going to be a steepler now. Im lowkey realllly scared cuz i dont think i will make it over them without dying, but hopefully ill catch on.

Pm- 5.25 in the canyon with a group of girls. Felt pretty decent. averaged 7:19

Team meeting to discuss lots of team stuff. it was long, but i missed part of it cuz i didnt know where the heck i was going. 

PPM- 3 miles with alison, christian, and maximus. it was a good time and a really fast pace, so i chilled it out a little. averaged 7:06


We got a new weights coach, and although he is cool and probs knows what he is talking about, i miss the old one and the actual lifting. all we have done is core stuff, and although that is great, i wanna actually lift or else i need to buy a gym pass. Hopefully we will actually lift in the next few times.

Total Distance

AM- steeple practice this morning. Mostly we just did some drills and flexibility stuff. And then we jumped one hurdle and videoed it so we could compare the first one to what we look like in the Future

2 chill miles after 

PM- 7.25 Miles total/// so we had a 60% today. Coach split us into 2 groups and of course he stuck me in the slower one... anyways, me and KaSandra and Sarah were way in front of everyone before we even hit a mile of the tempo. So coach stopped us for a sec for the other group to catch up (cuz they started behind us) and then we got to run with them :))) I hung in there pretty much the whole time!!! I lost them on then uphill, but I got back up on the downhill!! I would fall off a  little but everytime I caught back up!!! I have never done that before and coach told me I always get tor in with the A group!!!!!!!!! Also Angie is seriously the nicest and was helpin me stay in there and everyone kept yelling at me to keep coming and it made me feel so happy and needed. Yayayayayyayayayayayayayya!!!!! Also 15 strides after. Then rolled out and jazz 

I wanna travel so bad next cross season. Ill literally do anything 

Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Indigo And Mint) Miles: 7.25
Total Distance

AM- 4 Miles for practice. We had premeet so 2 Mile warm then A 400 at mile pace then starts and strides and a mile cool 

Just chillin in the bus for 7 hours on the way to IDAHO. Can’t wait to race tomorrow. I’m running the 4x400 and the mile. 

PM- made it to Idaho!!! Ran 3 Miles chill with alison and then Christian joined us the last half mile. It felt really good and we went a gooooood pace that wasn’t too fast. Then we went to dinnner with the freshman. Alison lost all her travel money so we had to backtrack to try and find it. We never did. 

Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Teal And Grey) Miles: 3.00
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8 Miles today all around and kinda choppy but it’s fine!! First indoor meet of the season! ‘Twas a good time. I ran the mile and it was pretty decent! Best I’ve ever started out a season. I lost track of the laps real quick cuz it was so many but it was fun! I also don’t love the wood track or the bank. I almost fell off on the 6th lap and it scared me a little. Ended up 5:24 which would be about a 5:17 (they always convert everything and it’s so wierd to me lol) but converted that’s faster than I’ve ever ran before and I felt real good about it. Also I ran the 4x4 which was a good time lol. Nothing spectacular but it was fun. Coach said we’ll probably do it again at NAU, which hopefully means that I get to go there which would be dope!!! 

Total Distance
Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Indigo And Mint) Miles: 14.25Nike Zoom Structure 20 (Teal And Grey) Miles: 8.00
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